Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yeah... theres suppose to be someone chasing him. Still working on it. gimme a couple days. :)


dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,

thanks alot for the comment, it feels really good to start connections with other talented artists.

and for what you said..haha well i did use an eraser time to time to make things cleaner and nicer, but the rough works i have i barely use one.
I'm also wondering if you checked my other works as well? the first page is sorta bad.
anyway thanks again and hope to write again.
P.S nice works man,i love the cafe drawing~

potato farm girl said...

ooh that's pretty good Ivan! Just beware the tangents with his arms and the trees. Other than that it's pretty fun!

Ivan Mendoza said...


dan szilagyi said...

hey Ivan,

thanks for the comment, i'm glad that you think its good, i'll try and get some more works up soon.
talk to you later