Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drawings from the Desktop...

Hey All-

I've been wondering what to post next... and I really couldn't think of any, cuz of all the things that have been going on. I decided to just put up a few drawings that i've done in my spare time within the past month or so. Some of them are just sketches, and some thats inspired sketches... Anyhow... hope you like em.



itsabriiiiize said...

i especially enjoy the geisha, man reading the newspaper, and the man at the grand piano..expression and feeling in his face is..amazing :)

cins said...

fun stuff

meyerprints said...


Mike Nassar said...

yeahhhh broooooooo. flash sketches, hahaah (cept for the last one?).

looks tight man, I gotta make time to sketch in off hours too :)
keep it up buddy. talk to you soon.